International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

As the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches, ICF confers instant credibility upon its members. ICF is also committed to connecting member coaches with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.

ICF offers the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. ICF Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.

ICF also accredits programs that deliver coach-specific training. ICF-approved and –accredited training programs must complete a rigorous review process and demonstrate that their curriculum aligns with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

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Beginning later this year, ICF will change the requirements for attaining an ACC and PCC credential. Click here to find out how this will affect your application.

ITS affiliation with the ICF

International Teaching Seminars was the first training organisation in Europe to be able to offer an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP). The ICF recognises a very small number of organisations worldwide. This is because it regulates and operates the most comprehensive and rigorous accreditation process for training deliverers worldwide. ITS is part of this esteemed group.

The Highest standards

The ICF represents the highest standards in Coaching. ICF accreditation is your guarantee of world class Coaching training. To receive its accreditation, ITS went through a strenuous year long application process. Every element of our International Coaching Programme was assessed in detail by the ICF. This entailed a combination of written submissions, video assessment of the programme and scrutiny of your trainers. Every three years this entire process is repeated so you can be sure quality is maintained and regularly reviewed.

How do I become an ICF Recognised Coach?

To learn more about the ICF Credentialling process, contact the ITS Head Office on +44(0)1268 777125

What ICF accreditation means for you

Your choice of training organisation will have a significant impact on the future effectiveness and success of your Coaching work. The fact that this course has ICF accreditation offers you several significant advantages:

Credibility – You will have been trained as a Coach by an ICF approved organisation. This is an increasingly important factor particularly for blue chip organisations in their choice of Coaches. When people seek out a Coach, they want the best. ICF accreditation is an internationally recognised stamp of coaching excellence. It sets you apart as one of the elite.

Peace of Mind – You can rest assured that you have chosen a programme that has met the highest standards of the world’s premier Coaching body. It has then been independently assessed and recognised for its leading edge contribution.

Skill Level – You know that you will emerge from this programme with the highest level of Coaching skill available.

Confidence in your Trainers

ICF accreditation means that your trainers have met the strict standards of excellence imposed by ICF. They are preeminent in their fields and enjoy world wide reputations.

Continuous Improvement

Coaching: The Next Generation represents the next phase in coach training because it goes beyond the limits of a single coaching school to give you trainers from entirely different schools. Each year the programme is refined and fine tuned. ITS prides itself on a policy of continuous improvement in the Coaching field. You are not just attending a training programme – you are experiencing and mastering the most comprehensive Coach training available.