Learn the essence of the Coach Approach so that you can begin to apply it immediately. After you leave workshop, you will have enough knowledge to go and run a coaching session.

Some of the key areas of this workshop:

Looks at what coaching is, how it is unique and how it can be applied.
Introduces the eleven ICF Core Competencies of Coaching and the behavioural assessment markers that go with them.
Setting up a coaching relationship – from induction to completion.
Designing the coaching alliance.
Developing self-as-coach.
Exploring intuition and not knowing the answers.
Coach Approach to giving and receiving feedback.
The role of intuition in the Coach Approach.
How not knowing all the answers (!) works for you .

Training Faculty


29th September – 1st October 2017

Please note: This workshop is Module 1 of the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme


Daily 10am – 6pm

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant coaching experience and/or a coaching qualification.

CCE Units

24 Hours


£825+VAT (£990)

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