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Are you feeling fulfilled?

How often do you find yourself saying “I wish I could……”?
Is there anything in your life you’d like to do differently?
What would it be like if you could…….?

This programme is reported by past participants as ‘life changing.’? Why?

Here’s how one course participant put it:

“Somebody said that we are thrown into life without a handbook. Well Ian, through ITS, has written one.

I have had clients say that I have made it possible for them to live their dream, or, even, that I saved their life – in fact, I was merely the conduit. I am merely standing on the shoulders of giants, and those giants are Ian, his cadre of …”

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Here you can turn up as you and know that’s just fine! You’ll have the opportunity to explore the possibilities for change and get equipped with the tools to learn ‘How To’ do things differently.

“Since taking part in the NLP Practitioner programme I find myself far better equipped to handle relationships. With so much change happening in the workplace, people are frequently under stress, and rapport can be difficult to build and maintain. Using the NLP techniques which I have learned has helped me more effectively manage my relationships both in and out of the workplace, resulting in more collaborative behaviour, and substantially better outcomes. I am also more resourceful and better able to control and manage my own state, which is particularly useful when dealing with highly charged situations such as a Workplace Mediation.”
- Barbara Capstick, HR Consultant, Coach & Mediator

Your brain is the driving force behind every thought, memory, emotion and behaviour that you have had – or ever will have. That makes it worth understanding a bit about how it works both for and against you.

This is a new kind of programme. It combines the practical techniques of NLP – the How To part of making the changes you want – with current neuroscience research which shows why we really can learn to do things differently.

This is the NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience.

There is a natural convergence between neuroscience and NLP: neuroscience is now showing us why so many NLP interventions work and make such a significant difference to people.

Ian McDermott and Patricia Riddell give you the joyful combination of NLP mastery grounded in the evidence-base of neuroscience.

You will have access to the latest discoveries. But more importantly you will learn techniques that show you how to apply them. You may come to enhance your work; you may come to explore and learn something new; you may come because someone suggested you should. Whatever your reason, you can be sure you’ll leave with a new way of being.

Use the latest findings to make the changes you want

NLP & Neuroscience – Now is your Time

Ian McDermott has been working closely with leading neuroscientist and researcher, Professor Patricia Riddell. Patricia has been teaching and researching neuroscience and psychology for the last 30 years.

This programme is unique. It is designed to enhance both your personal and professional life. NLP is well known for its many change techniques – enabling you to set clear and achievable goals and overcome any of the fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way.

But how it does this is quite another matter! Learn from a Master Trainer who loves to do live demonstrations. And then learn from an expert what your brain is doing that makes this work! When you understand both you can really be in control.

In this way you learn how to help yourself and others. You’ll know how to resolve issues and design a future that is both compelling and achievable.

This brand new 12 day NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience is a world first!
It is divided into modules of three days. These segments allow you to gain experience and give you sufficient time in between each to digest and practice.

How it Works

First you learn the techniques. These you will see in action in live demonstrations with Master Trainer Ian McDermott.

Then you practice these so that you have proper hands-on experience. Finally on the morning only of the third day you get an understanding of how these techniques work and the underlying principles involved from Dr Patricia Riddell who is Professor of Applied Neuroscience.

This unique programme is truly at the cutting edge of current research. It will give you both the tools and an understanding of how they work. No other programme in the world delivers both the rigour of neuroscience and the power of NLP.

Module 1 - Giving you ‘the how to’s’

  • Secrets of Rapport
  • Learning to think strategically
  • Creating Compelling Futures – Future Pacing
  • How to recognise peoples’ different processing styles
  • How to read non-verbal signals
  • Strategies for Success
  • Techniques for removing barriers & creating new possibilities
  • The power of Association and Dissociation
  • New Behaviour Generator
  • Secrets of Effective Learning
  • Memory enhancement
  • The Neuroscience behind NLP

Module 2 - Being at Your Best

  • The Importance of States in your personal and professional life
  • The Power of Anchoring
  • Achieving optimal performance
  • Techniques for Performance Enhancement and Personal Well-being
  • Building Resourcefulness and Resilience
  • Strategic planning with the Sequenced States Model
  • The Power of Submodalities
  • The Neuroscience of Excellence

Module 3 - Taking Control

  • The Importance of Modelling
  • Introducing the Meta Model – the engine which drives NLP
  • Understanding the structure of change
  • The Work of Milton Erickson & why it matters to you
  • The Importance of Chunking
  • Secrets of Effective Learning
  • The Power of Metaphor
  • Working with People’s Time Lines
  • How to construct compelling narratives
  • The Neuroscience of Belief Change

Module 4 - Dealing with Conflict

  • The Power of Framing
  • Congruence and Incongruence
  • The Wisdom Within Techniques
  • Using the Presuppositions of NLP
  • Dealing with conflict in organisations
  • How to change unwanted behaviours
  • The role and value of a Coach Approach
  • The Neuroscience of the Brain as an Evolving System

To ensure you get the most from the programme, there is a lively variety of learning formats including:

  • Special ‘How To’ demonstrations
  • Small group exercises
  • Diagnostic sessions
  • Practical skill-building work
  • Tasks, discussion and plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered as you go along.

Unique Programme Features

1. This programme qualifies for 28 CCE units of Core Competencies and 31 CCE units of Resource Development with the ICF (International Coach Federation)

2. This programme is accredited by the CPD Standards office, and equates to 84 hours of CPD.

3. An integrated vision – for the first time you can learn NLP and Neuroscience together from the people at the cutting edge.

4. Optimum format – We deliberately favour modules of 3 days. These segments give in-depth experience fast but allow sufficient time in between to digest and integrate.

5. Outstanding support material – Fully comprehensive, specially written course manual, by the leading authors in the field.



2017 Dates

Module 1: 22nd – 24th September
Module 2: 20th – 22nd October
Module 3: 10th – 12th November
Module 4: 8th – 10th December


10am – 5pm


London Kensington Forum
Holiday Inn, Kensington
London, UK



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Your certificate is both a personal record of your commitment, and a professional recognition of the time and effort you have invested in your excellence.
The certification in this programme is an internationally recognised NLP qualification, matching and adhering to international standards.

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