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NLP meets Neuroscience: A Collaboration which is More than the Sum of its Parts

Right now there’s a lot of buzz around neuroscience which is reminiscent of what happened with NLP.


In this workshop, Ian McDermott and Professor of Applied Neuroscience Patricia Riddell will explore the interface between NLP and neuroscience. Drawing on their past 5 years of working together they will demonstrate both where neuroscience can enhance our understanding of NLP and where NLP might point to new directions of research in neuroscience. They will also bust some myths on what can be studied using modern neuroscience techniques.

Using examples from recent findings in epigenetics, neurostability and neuroplasticity, this interactive workshop will provide new insights into how NLP and neuroscience can enhance our understanding of why we behave as we do and how we might create greater choice in our behaviour.

The NLP Conference is THE International Conference for NLP Professionals, whether you are newly qualified practitioner or an experienced trainer.

The event has moved away from central London to make it more accessible for local, national and international delegates. Ticket prices include:

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