For as long as ITS has existed we have been working with leading figures around the world to develop both new programmes but also sometimes just to make new learning opportunities available.

Shelle Rose Charvet is a recognised pioneer in developing powerful linguistic patterns which have extraordinary impact. You can read about these in her book ‘Words that change minds’. Better still you can now learn how to develop and utilise these patterns because of the online programme Shelle has developed. When Shelle and I were talking recently we agreed to make her programme available through ITS online before the year ends.

If you want a different kind of Christmas present and one that’s really going to last you might want to check out her online programme – and the special deal we agreed.

- Ian McDermott

Do you sometimes feel frustrated trying to get other people to buy into your ideas?
Have you ever been totally convinced that something is the right thing to do, but getting other people to believe you is like pushing a huge rock up a hill?
Or have you tried to help two people who continue to disagree but they don’t see that there really isn’t much difference between their points of view?
Or wanted to help a friend who is stuck in a bad situation but won’t do anything about it?

Shelle Rose Charvet is offering an online program based on the NLP Meta Programs.
She is the world expert on the LAB Profile®. The LAB Profile® is not the same as typical personality profiles. Most profiles give you useful information about a person.
But, people don’t always do the same thing in every situation. If they did, wouldn’t that make our lives easier!!

Shelle says:
“People make major shifts depending on the context. How you think when you are at work may be very different than when you are having an argument at home, or when you are lying on a beach, or when you are thinking about making a career change, or even doing your grocery shopping.
Having an impact is about being able to go to the other person’s bus stop, and from their bus stop, respecting their way of thinking and their kind of language, inviting them onto your bus.
And if you don’t notice when someone has moved to another bus stop, you are unlikely to have the impact you want.”

In this program, you will find out how to listen to how people speak so that you can understand, predict and influence people’s behavior, even your own!

Some highlights:

• Quickly find out people’s values and criteria to know what is really important to them.
• Communicate with and persuade people who only know what they don’t want. Avoid inadvertently saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
• Increase your impact with people who hate to be told what to do.
• Solve conflicts between those who prefer many alternatives and those who just want to follow the straight line.
• Identify the right language to reduce resistance to change.
• Check out Shelle’s new LAB Profile® 3-2-1 Motivation Sandwich – it’s irresistible!

Shelle is also running the LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification program, August 3 to 14th, near Toronto Canada.


Shelle Rose Charvet

Special Offer

1st – 14th June
$300 discount on this programme


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