Visionary, creative individual with energy and passion, able to communicate ideas fluently who can engage others in the excitement of bringing innovative projects into being. You will be comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk taking – but not a gambler. Able to see the bigger picture you know how to respond to problems as challenges. An experienced team player you can create effective team dynamics and foster creative ideas while managing and resolving creative conflicts. While you can tolerate failure as an essential avenue to learning you don’t repeat mistakes and are willing if necessary, to break the rules.

This may sound like a pretty demanding job description. It’s actually what’s needed for innovation and entrepreneurship and leadership.

The good news is that we now know a lot about how to develop these skills.

If you would like to learn how to do this for yourself or with others you’ll probably want to talk to us.

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Innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership are like a three legged stool. Each supports the others. In these videos I address all three.

A 4 part interview with Ian McDermott on Innovation, Leadership & Creativity filmed by Novaxia for international distribution via their website.


      Innovation is the fruit of discontent.
      It’s important to remember this because what precedes innovation is often an uncomfortable period of knowing things could and should be better but not yet knowing how to make them better. People don’t enjoy feeling like this so they will often try to avoid it. This can lead to denial and procrastination.… More

    • Jan 2015 – Attempt at Mass Innovation begins

      Every year at this time millions of individuals simultaneously attempt to innovate.
      That’s right, those New Year’s resolutions are really an attempt to make a practical change in the way we think, live and behave so that we may live better, more effective and satisfying lives. If that’s not innovation I don’t know what is.
      However, the word innovation is rarely used to describe this remarkable phenomenon.… More

    • Innovation – Making Risk the Teacher

      I was recently in Johannesburg where I’m working on an ongoing project which is particularly close to my heart. In the UK Health and Safety has a slightly tarnished reputation, I think probably because directives are often seen as micro-managing and even trivial at times. However when you start talking about the world of mining it’s a very different story.… More

    • Love and Innovation

      Imagine your lively two year old son goes from saying “I love you,” or “Where are my ninja turtles?” to just one word: “juice”, then stops making eye contact and progressively withdraws into himself. That’s what happened to Ron and Cornelia Suskind. The eventual diagnosis: autism.
      But there was a bridge – though no one recognised it at first.… More

    • Seeing with a fresh eye

      The other day I was passing by a charity shop when I overheard two women moaning that there were so many charity shops on the high street – this even as they were avidly looking in the window of one!
      The rise of the charity shop is a great example of how easy it is for us to see only what we’re used to seeing.… More

    • Innovation at its Best

      When you think of a generic aircraft, something large, sturdy and multi-passenger probably springs to mind. This new British ultra-light aircraft couldn’t be more different but its innovative design proved very successful as it completed its first public test flight. Watch the video here.

      The idea of the e-GO plane came about as a result of de-regulation from the Civil Aviation Authority.… More

    • How a ‘mad’ idea can go global

      Ever heard of Open House? It’s become quite a phenomenon and happens every year in different parts of the world. In London it’s in September. It makes it possible for anyone to get inside buildings which are often closed to the public the rest of the year. If you like buildings you’ll love Open House.
      It was started in the midst of a recession in 1992 by Victoria Thornton who was very aware that there was little interest in contemporary architecture or public buildings other than what she calls ‘the heritage industry’.… More

    • Are you looking in the right place for the innovators?

      If you want innovation you need innovators. Innovators are people who can imagine and bring into existence what has not previously existed. So where are you going to find them and should you be looking for a particular age demographic?
      Many people confuse innovation with technological innovation. If you conflate the two you run two big risks – you won’t be looking for the right people and you won’t be looking in the right place.… More

    • Innovation Trigger #1 – Personal Unease

      One of the primary triggers to innovation is an internal discomfort with the way things are.
      Innovators are the people who do not shy away from such discomfort but actually use it as the spur to innovative thinking. Let me give you an example of how this works in practice. I want Yvonne von Amerongen, a manager in a nursing home in the Netherlands, to tell you in her own words how one day:

      “My mother called me and told me that my father had passed away suddenly.… More


      Last week I had the pleasure of accepting an invitation to become Dean of Innovation and Learning for the Purposeful Planning Institute. The PPI consists of legal, financial, wealth and lifestyle advisors to high net worth individuals and ultra-high net worth family offices. They are a great bunch of people who, as their Institute’s name suggests, seek to go beyond simple financial planning and look deeper into the purpose it is meant to serve for both this generation and those yet to come.… More


      Last week I spent a couple of days in half hourly conversations with all sorts of different businesses who are interested in what we are doing and in particular the ways in which they could innovate more effectively using the tools that we are currently making available. This was exceedingly interesting, many contacts were made and offers proposed.… More

    • Innovation Quote – Thomas Edison

      “I failed my way to success.”
      Thomas Edison
      So often people are anxious – yes anxious – to avoid making mistakes and it makes them timid. But how do we actually learn?
      Our entire development, from the first weeks of life onwards, is based on trial and error learning. An error is not a failure. However, most people confuse the two.… More

    • Innovation Quote – Walt Disney

      “I believe in being an innovator.”
      Walt Disney (1901-1966)
      Disney is associated with many initiatives but it’s significant that he thinks of himself as an innovator. Let’s be clear, this is an identity level statement. He’s not saying he’s been responsible for some innovations, he’s saying being an innovator is part of who he is. Furthermore he loads it by attaching this identity level statement to his beliefs and values.… More

    • Innovation Quote – Sir Francis Bacon

      “He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.”
      Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
      People often mistakenly think of innovation as a recent, technological phenomenon. However, Francis Bacon was clearly aware of its impact 400 years ago.
      As I start this quotation blog I’d like to orientate us by seeing the Big Picture.… More

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