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How to Become More Innovative – oh, and grow your business!

Innovation enables both individuals and organizations to reinvent themselves and what they have to offer. However, innovation is also the primary way we as individuals renew ourselves as people: it will ultimately determine the future we create for ourselves and our clients. Failure to keep innovating means we become stuck in our present and just keep repeating ourselves. Is that the future you want?
Innovation is a learnable skill, as is fostering it in others. In addition almost all innovation involves collaboration. So learning how to collaborate more effectively – be it with clients, colleagues or your nearest and dearest – is critical. And you can.
In this session I want to show you how you can learn to become more innovative. This is a skill you can pass on to clients and so add extraordinary value.

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Neuroscience and the art of strategic questioning

Ian McDermott & Professor Patricia Riddell

• Elicit the right information
• Maximise knowledge transfer with experts
• Determine the quality of the information you are receiving
• Make information memorable
30 September 2014

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Developing an Innovation Mindset – A prerequisite to Mastery

Mastery and Innovation are profoundly related. Anyone wanting to attain mastery or be innovative will need to commit to a journey of experiental learning; to develop and learn new things but also let go of and unlearn old habits.
Neither mastery nor innovation is a sprint; both are more like a marathon. Both require patience, dedication, humility and the ability to see ‘failure’ as helpful feedback in disguise.
This is a mindset and a way of being that can be learnt. Understanding its dynamics is crucial for coaches as great coaching invariably involves fostering innovation in peoples’ lives. Being better able to do this has enormous implications personally, organizationally and commercially.
Ever met those people who have great ideas but nothing ever seems to actually happen? People can be creative without being innovative. By contrast innovation delivers. It brings something new into being. Commercially “Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices.”
Innovation is a learnable skill – as is fostering it in others. Almost all innovation involves collaboration. So learning how to collaborate more effectively is critical – and you can.
I’d like to offer you some next steps on this journey to mastery should you choose to make it.
30 October 2014

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Your Passion or Your Pension?

Too many people seem to be struggling to prosper doing what they love or striving to secure a job they don’t really want.
Arguably this trend has become even more pronounced since the financial crisis of 2008. On the other hand last year International Teaching Seminars (ITS) celebrated it’s 25th anniversary having been able to adjust to a changing market and stay true to its raison d’etre.
In this workshop Ian McDermott, Founder of ITS, will be sharing some of the secrets of sustained success. He’ll be looking at what you can do to build your brand, diversify, engage with a wider world, audit your product, determine where you are in its life cycle and decide where you want to focus your energy.
He will be offering specific tools and techniques for both individuals and organizations to live with purpose and passion, generate revenue – and even produce a pension.
As always with Ian this will be a hands on, how to workshop with live demonstrations.
22nd November 2014

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Previous Speaking Engagements

Training & Development Summit

The Training & Development Summit is specifically organised for Training and HR Managers and Directors who are directly responsible for the buying of training, development and related products and services. Ian McDermott will be attending. Don’t hold back. Bring your issues, challenges and plans so that you can have a real consultation.

ITS Celebration Day
Innovating your future

Innovation is the lifeblood of commercial success – but it’s also the basis of personal well-being. (Ask anyone who feels their relationship has gone stale). Ian has been working with Professor John Bessant developing innovation how-tos. Today they want to give you some tasters from their new Innovation Toolkit.

The Business of Innovation

While there’s extensive research on innovation in organizations the missing piece has arguably been how to enable an individual – and by extension a team – to become more innovative. Frequently this is also the key to promoting an entrepreneurial mindset. Over the past few years Ian McDermott and Prof. John Bessant have been developing Innovation How-to’s which can be taught as learnable skills to individuals. Their test has been ‘can we tell a person what to do to be more innovative?’ The answer is yes when a person learns how to use their brain.
Today we’ll look at some of the ways you can do this.

The Business of Innovation

Innovation matters. While there’s extensive research on innovation in organizations the missing piece has arguably been how to enable an individual – and by extension a team and even an organisation – to become more innovative. A desire to create usable, learnable structures which can build the skills of innovation and entrepreneurship for the individual is what first brought Ian McDermott and Professor John Bessant together.
Over the past few years they have been refining just such a toolkit and will be sharing some of their approaches. Expect to leave with tools you can use.

MDRT – The Business of Confidence

Knowing how to boost confidence – whether it’s your own or your clients’ confidence in you – is one of the most important business skills you will ever develop. By using the latest discoveries in the Neurosciences and techniques developed by Ian McDemott we can say that in both cases boosting confidence is now a learnable skill. But that’s not enough. If you want to enjoy a confident future you will also need to know what to do when things don’t go quite the way you’d planned.

During this session Ian McDermott will demonstrate and teach practical Confidence tools you can use for yourself or with clients.

Ian McDermott speaking at the Institute of Directors Sept 19 2012

As a faculty member of the Master Coach Academy Ian McDermott will be joining colleagues to deliver a special one day taster for the international Master Coach Certification training for experienced coaches.

The full programme covers nine months and it is organised in three modules that you can take individually. Completion of all three modules within three years entitles you to gain the Master Coach Certification.

Visit the Master Coach Academy

The Coach Approach: Going Viral

Catalysts: Ian McDermott and Pamela Richarde, MCC

Do you believe coaching has something to offer the world? For Ian and Pamela, the answer is an unequivocal yes! If coaching is to live up to its promise, however, it needs to go beyond generating professional coaches.
What is the essence of coaching both as a skill set and as a way of being? What does it offer which ideally we would want everyone to have as part of their repertoire? Asking these questions led to the creation of the Coach Approach – a way for people who want to draw out the best in others. The Coach Approach is for people who have no interest in being coaches, but want to master what works in coaching. Learn about the Coach Approach and hear successful case histories.
The goal of this world café is to inspire professional coaches, trainers, and facilitators to reveal and explore ways to expand the impact of coaching on others, outside the context of formal coaching relationships.
Join Ian and Pamela and get ready to play a bigger game by exploring how a coaching approach can impact people who will never be professional coaches but who play a vital role in supporting others – youth leaders, doctors, teachers, leaders, managers, employees, parents, etc! This is how we can help coaching go viral!

Ten essential strategies for turning vision into action

Knowing how to translate vision into action is one of the most important skills any individual can possess. Whether you want it for yourself, your team or your organisation this is a learnable skill set. During this presentation, Ian McDermott will provide you with a how-to template. He will outline the key strategies he has used to enable people and organisations to deliver dreams with deadlines. He will also relate these strategies to recent work in the neurosciences.

How Will You Change the World? Your Daily Legacy

Suppose you – or your clients – could be making more of what really matters to you happen right now, would you be interested? If so you’re really in the business of leaving a legacy – only you don’t have to wait til you’re dead.

Our legacy is our influence and our actions.

When you align what really matters to you with what you’re doing something amazing happens. You feel more alive, you have more energy and life has new meaning. Getting clear about your daily Legacy can be a tool for your own – and your client’s – liberation. I’d like to show you how.