We human beings have emotions and those emotions impact our results – we create a different result if we rage at people rather than talk with them. We human beings have language and how we use it is critical to our success. We human beings also have bodies. We actually communicate more with our bodies than with our words yet we are largely unaware of the impact of our presence. An ontological approach to coaching gives you the tools and awareness you need to work with these three crucial dimensions – emotions, language and the body.

The word ‘ontology’ refers to the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of being or reality. An ontological approach to coaching helps the client generate new results by revealing to them how they have been a co-creator of the reality that they are now limited by.

As an ontologically trained coach you have a greater depth and breadth of self-awareness, emotional agility and centered presence. You have specific tools and practices that let you work with any type of client, be they an individual or an organisation. As a tool for organisational change, an ontological approach is comprehensive and innovative in developing leaders, strengthening the impact of individual contributors and improving organizational performance.

Your top 10+ Take-Aways

You will:

1) Learn how to work with, and shift, the emotions your clients are trapped in that don’t serve them

2) Learn new emotional competencies and strategies for your own life including two required for great coaching: gentle irreverence and the ability to hold paradox

3) Learn how the body can be a powerful conduit for learning and change in the coaching process

4) Develop a greater, more grounded and expansive presence as a coach

5) Discover how to listen for the hidden beliefs and assumptions your clients have about their world that keep them from the results they want

6) Identify some of your own unexamined beliefs keeping you from what you want

7) Develop a treasury of more evocative and provocative questions that get to your client’s underlying issues

8) Learn practical models, principles and inquiry tools which will make you a more effective coach

9) Learn how to bring an ontological approach to your organizational work

10) Learn how to work with leaders to improve their conversational, emotional and somatic intelligences.

Training Faculty


17th – 19th November 2017

Please note: This workshop is Module 2 of the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme


Daily 10am – 6pm

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant coaching experience and/or a coaching qualification.

CCE Units

24 Hours


£825+VAT (£990)

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