Do you know how to win hearts & minds?

Major change happens at the level of identity, beliefs and values. However, many conventionally trained coaches find it challenging to operate at these levels.

Nor are they alone: the majority of organisations are only able to talk about ‘winning hearts and minds’. Very few know how to do it.

In this Advanced Coaching workshop we show you how to blend the wisdom of different coaching approaches from different coaching schools so that you can actually engage the hearts and minds not just of individuals but also teams and even organisations.

Learn when to use what – and how the different approaches fit seamlessly together.

Training Faculty

CCE Units

24 Hours


11-14 May 2017

Please note: This workshop is Module 5 of the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme

Daily 10am – 6pm

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant coaching experience and/or a coaching qualification.


£825 + VAT (£990)

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